About Us

Who are we?

At Robojaws Media our aim is to write, design and create unique, thought-provoking digital content for global channels including brand development, advertising, rich media, film and television. We specialise in using cutting edge visual effects to help our clients communicate clearly and intelligently with their stakeholders and to help bring the vision of film makers to life.

What makes us different?

We are equally passionate about business, technology and filmmaking. We believe this means we are better able to understand our clients challenges and provide creative services that meet their unique needs.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our commitment to delivery and attention to quality. We have worked on many critical product and service launches and understand the importance of engaging and timely communication to help ensure success.

Above all we like smart, challenging briefs. So no matter how technical or complicated a story you need to tell we believe we can find simple, engaging ways to communicate your messages.

Why Visual Effects and Animation?
We have to admit that we are fascinated with the possibilities that computer animation offers to communicate in new ways. However, we never forget that it is the story or the message that has to come first. Indeed, we are quite happy to dispense with the trickery if that is required.

We believe strongly that graphics, animation and other visual effects create new and surprising ways to communicate with your audience. Used properly these techniques can help communicate topics and ideas that still images, talking heads or live footage cannot do justice to. We can help bring to life complex research graphics, charts and concepts that would be difficult to communicate otherwise.

If you can imagine it we can help bring it to life